• barefoot 6w

    Really wants to hear
    The hard truth of making
    One's dreams come true;
    The sweat and the swords
    And the numerous lost days
    And moments lies in the background
    Like a pale yellow blanket hungry for sleep.

    It isn't that we
    Turn a blind eye
    To the struggle of seeing
    The beauty emerge from a sown seed
    It is just that the idea of
    Pushing through the filthy mud
    To blossom is not really worthy of the
    Glamour of Masked heroism.

    Yet in

    That woman who sweats
    Daily to cook you meals while you
    Sit building the castles of spectacular grandeur.
    The man
    Who toils unquestioningly
    To see you view the world in a kinder tone .

    Lie the true
    mechanism of our dreams.

    The dream belongs to them
    As much as it belongs to the heart that
    It emerged from
    for without the shadows
    Of the nameless sacrifices of so many ,
    Your heart wouldn't even be beating
    To dream .

    Truth lies in failures
    And in the attempts
    And in the struggles
    And in the illusions of a greater
    Tomorrow that numerous
    Invisible souls had to hold onto
    To make today a
    Day worth building
    A dream in.

    So when we dream,
    I think it is never
    For one individual alone,
    I think it is for the
    Entire world that had to adjust
    A little in their seats
    so that we could
    View the screen of life
    More clearly.

    And so
    To see a tree
    As not only a spectacle of beauty
    But also to appreciate the wind , the sun ,
    The mud , the storm and the music
    Of love that made it what it is .
    Is the measure of real success.
    For I guess without
    The background , the
    Foreground would never be
    Of admiration.
    For without the dark,
    Light would never

    Have been sought.


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