• yamini_expresses 5w


    The stack of books on her shelf
    Had one with a glossy cover.
    Amidst the tribe of grey and brown
    It dazzled like the gem studded queen's crown

    Some mildews had left their impressions
    And a miniature floret of beautiful roses
    Kissed the velvet with a soulful pamper
    But Inside there were tales of agony and clamour

    She wiped the crystals of tears from
    the crimson velvet that stored her sonnets
    Like the summer's beloved waiting for the dawn
    She turned the pages and found a poem written in scarlet crayon

    Her eyes couldn't believe the words.
    He had imprinted his grief on the last page
    Fragments of love floated there in vain
    His Haiku and her Sonnets were sinking in love's domain.