• sudheerkumarbandla 31w

    Golden Days

    Bring back those days

    When I used to sleep because I'm tired
    Not as an escape from this world

    When smiles used to be hearty
    And tears, real

    When I used to fear loneliness
    Not the fake company

    When actions were trustworthy
    And promises, meaningful

    When I used to miss friends absence
    Not the memories left behind in their presence

    When prayers were thanksgiving
    And wishes, sensible

    Bring me back those golden days

    When mornings used to be happy
    And Nights, peaceful

    Where feelings were never taken for granted
    Where people were valued more than things.

    Oh yes golden days they were of past
    And I may not be their recipient of last

    There I am staring at the vast
    Knowing that,
    I'm losing hopes all so fast

    Then heart whispered
    Like if it was on a magical cast
    Why not make someone's today
    The golden day of your past.