• shavehofficial 23w

    Life isn't really a menu card, because the menu card is just a small part of your life.
    You get menu cards when you go to a restaurant. You go to a restaurant when you feel hungry. When you feel hungry, you eat food. You eat food because your stomach requires it. You can stay without it for a while. But you cannot deny it. Because if you do, you'll die eventually.
    The stomach in this context is your life, and the food is the people and the things you love.
    For instance, say you're allergic to chocolate. But you're really tempted by the looks of it, and so you eat it. You enjoy the taste of it at first. But it's going to harm you later on. And you still eat it, knowing that it's not good for you. You're definitely going to suffer the consequences. It's going to last for a while, or perhaps a long time. But it will have to go away eventually. You will be better again. The chocolate here can be compared to the fake people or false friends as you may say. You know you're going to get hurt, but you still stay friends with that person. You are bound to have an amazing experience with that person, but only till it lasts. Because the experience after that is horrifying. You'll be devastated. But you're definitely going to get out of it. Because you're going to find something sweeter and better to eat. And on the bright side, you're not even going to be allergic to it. So eat your food daily and shove the chocolate up that bloody person's ass. Because what's in store for you is something unimaginably wonderful, and most of all, much better than any chocolate you could ever have.