• thegodsonlychild 5w

    Psychopath, a word popular enough to be called a curse. A word nobody likes being attached to their identity. But being a psychopath is a state of complete tranquillity.

    What does failure give you; Pain, misery, a state of being incomplete, the feeling of being put down like trash after being used and a million things you never want to feel, and what does being psychotic gives you, a feeling of complete calm over whatsoever happens.

    The universe is finite, its lazy , its stupid and its ending. Every day we're getting closer to extinction. The doomsday clock is ticking and no power can stop it. These finite days we have are worth living rather than living in a hole of misery and sorrows. Whatever people call it, I believe that self realisation and psychotic behaviour are two faces of the same coin, the later being more powerful, more intimidating and intriguing.

    No pain, no disappointments, no sorrows; Just you and the feeling of being complete, the insticts of being the most powerful and being megalomaniac, isn't it beautiful. A life lived to be happy for swlf rather than chasing someone else's fate and being disappointed for someone who loves someone else. How much can pain mould you, turn you into someone depressed who agonizes over his fate or maybe take the other path, it turns you into someone who mellows his own scars and wears them like medals of his victory.

    People say that a good writer's work is tye best cure for a psychopath. But has anyone told you that psychopaths hid themselves under the mask of a writer. Who knows... - Arpit Sharma

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