• xx_nerdypoet_xx 6w

    Drunken Bliss

    They say the grass grows greener with time.
    But you’re constantly what’s on my mind.
    I feel butterflies when you pull me close.

    At first I was afraid of you loving me, but then I knew you we’re the one for me.
    You never judged me
    For black is definition of beauty you said.
    We created a union like no other, strong feelings I couldn’t feel for another
    Because when it came to you friendship and love was the only thing on your mind.
    I could put you in a category with others but you won’t fit because no one has ever made me feel like this.
    I feel drunk off this drink I’ve been drinking called sweet bliss.
    You want nothing more than me.
    This need and this want I wanted it from a person but I couldn’t get it from the others.
    I feel like I have wings that have finally grew and now I can fly.
    For this love, I waited for has kept me alive.
    I want you like I want coffee on a cold day.
    I want you like I want the rain to pour on my face when it’s hot.
    I want you to always make me feel like a queen for we both will reign
    This love I never realized has made all my dreams come true, I want nothing in this world but you.