• shanez98 45w

    Life may seem infuriating, depressing, annoying and all what your can think of. But then it goes on wether you caught up or now left behind. Look ahead, at the peak of the moutain and imagine how wonderful would the view be. Do not sulk on what you have done and can't do. Give yourself a favor an don't be hard on yourself. You my dear, need to look at yourself as a human too. Things may not go our way but we must stand continue not matter how many falls. Afterall, the most beautiful art is one who carries scars. For scars tell how much battle you have won and survived.

    Kampai! ��
    I'm tired doing nothing and holed up in the depth of vast emptiness.

    #keepgoing #strength #battle #life

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    This is our battlefield

    I guess there's no use sulking on what have been.
    Life will go on wether you made it thru or not.
    A warrior is only entitled to what change has he done with life.