• ansharah 36w

    Dear Best Friend,
    You raised me up with all your might and intellect never neglecting the fact that one day, your daughter needs to go out and deal with the people out there ... You held me from drowning in my fears and restlessness ... Though at times I have arguments with you over alot of things you and I can never agree upon but this is the beauty of our relationship !! Somewhere, we grew up together ... We learnt life together and that was what made us friends before being mother and daughter ... I can discuss everything with you, from School books to my assignments to my friends to politics to religion, from winky to kinky stuff and infact what I think about Extramaritals ... You are a perfect blend of beauty and brains ... Without you, I really cannot imagine my life ... You're Bliss ... :) ...

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    Happiest Mother's Day ... ยก!