• artalreja 22w

    Be there for them now my friend because tomorrow isn't promised.

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    Always be there for someone you love❤

    There are few things in life which cant be expressed but just felt,
    Because they are the moments which caused our hearts to melt,
    Remember the ones who cared for you,
    They are the rare ones just left few,
    Cherish the ones who were there for you in all odds,
    When everyone left but they stood besides you giving nods,
    But there comes stroms where each thing falls apart with no landing,
    The only thing lacks there is just a bit understanding,
    Let no cyclones take that sweet relations to theft,
    Because once the people are gone mourning is only option thats left,
    Always assure blissfulness of loved ones and be no hater,
    Because ultimately my friend thats the only thing which indeed matters.