• makomamo1226 36w

    They say I am strong,
    But I am just a hypocrite who doesn't want the world to see how miserable I feel.

    They say I am brave,
    But I am just pretending, they do not know how fear is consuming every inch of me.

    They think I do not need help,
    But they just do not know how I wanted to reach out to them each time I fall.

    They think I am kind,
    I just wanted them to see how I wanted the world to treat me.

    They think I am ok,
    They just can't see the bruises and cuts I am desperately trying to hide.

    They are afraid of me...
    They just do not know that I am more than scared of myself than anyone else.

    Next time you see me,
    Look past beyond my smile.
    Look at me in the eyes
    To see the world I am trying to hide.