• ebubei 10w


    Words fail me,
    For verbal language fails to adequately communicate,
    The overwhelming description in my mind.

    Words fail me,
    For words are short of a description for this my emotion.
    Verbal expression is yet to capture this as an expression.

    Words fail me,
    For there are no words.
    Pouring my heart out (italics), yet the weight outweighs me.

    I try Art;
    Words, gestures, illustrations
    Pencils, paints, colors or even melody.

    Yet, I still wish you could see my heart,
    Connect your soul with mine.
    For again, words have failed me.

    For art's essence is giving expressions,
    Ones verbally deficient,
    Even in itself, insufficient.

    Till my audience are locked perfectly with my soul.
    Till my heart is poured empty,
    Till my imaginations reflect these images,
    I live for these expressions of Art.