• grace19snow88 23w

    The Sadist

    Can I show you pain? Can you create it and mean it?
    Can you go on knowing this is all I have to offer?
    If you need me to say 'I love you', I will, but I'll leave right after
    I can hold on to trust, but hope you understand it will never be more than lust
    Never had the conscience to understand tears
    I can walk away from anything and not once look through the rearview mirror
    You mistook this black hole for a soul
    Maybe I'm sick and demented
    Maybe I just enjoy feeling and giving infliction
    I don't ask for your affection, just you surrendering to seduction
    You call these fantasies, but this is my reality
    If one day you expect me to change, I'll have to walk away
    So don't fall apart, because you knew who I was from the start