• sanjweli 5w

    To the dear one

    Ii.To The Dear One

    II.TO THE DEAR ONE The God of Death one who pays,
    Let the power of music sways,
    To adore thee ,Tis’ time to remember those days,
    Where we were on the lonely bays,

    But With the flood of tears,
    And I drowned again but someone snatch,
    let thy hands into mine hold altogether raise,
    And at last memoir touched the skies,

    Let I’m ready to meet my soulmate my companion,
    Let the sorrow be on its way,
    And surpass the journey,
    And let it travel through all the ills,

    And the winning horse of time,
    Is it in a search of hell and heaven,
    Let the seclusion apart,
    Let pour out it all the feelings.