• monashixxi 10w

    My eyes dip heavy
    In vinicity around her
    Make me fall into deep sleep
    "Kiss me"
    Is this real?
    So close, inhaling her warm breath
    Sense of my nose brushing her
    "Kiss already"
    Is all I can think now!
    My teeth brush my lower lip
    Nervousness felt in my breadth
    My breath rhytmn rush vigorously
    "I couldn't move" why now!
    My my fingertips clinging her
    Could let go off till
    My pulse make her shock
    "I just couldn't"
    She held herself so long
    "Man got a job to do"
    We both can't
    Winnowing wind only between us
    With a paralise sense longing for kiss
    That, Underneath the shadow
    So close and so near
    But the lips is of east and far west!
    Someone reminds us to breath?