• blankedout 9w

    The value of wining comes with heartbreaking losses

    While everyone's feeling sad, angry and depressed even, at our loss
    Let me voice my opinion
    Thank you Captain Cool for all your hard work and dedication
    You for one don't need a big victory before you go, to be remembered for you'll be always be in our hearts
    Thank you Mr. Hitman for all the hitting you did and don't you ever feel that we lost because of you because if you see it that way then we have won many matches because of you
    My gratitude also goes to the most aggressive man on field who we are fortunate to call our captain
    While others see your aggression as a negative I see it as your drive and passion for the game and the same attitude will get us more wins and trophies, soon.
    And lastly my thanks goes to every other batsman, fielder, bowler and the rest of the people backing the men in blue, for without you we wouldn't be here!
    Let's hear it for the men in blue
    For the ones we are proud of
    For our country, of which we are the proudest!!