• sarcasticbong 10w

    P.s - Reading the first Post from the series would drop some light on all the other write ups.

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    Hello, my favourite viewers 
    We are back again, with a 
    Ride of celestial vibe. 

    Stick your eyes to the screen 
    Hear the bling
    That vivid saturation 
    Near a air station 
    Clear the simulation.

    Crushed some, rolled up
    Fluppy clouds again over 
    Minimal Earthlings
    Vision knock down, gravity 9g. 

    Time running through time
    Speeding up and down
    Wrapping around space and time
    Trapped into a dilemma of Ethical 
    Mathematical historical classical 
    Philosophical theoretical metaphysical. 

    Incongruous with the verses 
    Complexity and subtlety of thoughts
    King of rhyme, metaphorical time
    Lines penned on me egoistic 
    Find me a better characteristic 
    With an artistic, realistic, futuristic
    You want more lines, aren't this fantastic.

    Pass it on imagination wearing off;