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    A tragic superhero
    You are, my vigour.

    With tears in my eyes
    I give you a dainty farewell today
    For you died brave,

    And no grievances do I have now;

    I witnessed the day
    How dauntlessly, you fought
    And just then
    How dust of fate
    Swirled in your eyes,
    Seizing your endeavours
    You Crumbled down.
    Shackles of destiny
    Caged you in steel
    Rendering you helpless.

    That stoic glaze
    In your eyes,
    Still gives me sleepless nights,
    As tandem blows of agony
    Slowly tightened the noose
    And I saw you gasp
    For last few ounces of breath,

    I witnessed it all.
    a fall,
    An aftermath
    How an era crumbles,
    Shatters in pieces,
    How pages of history
    Never shape its respects,
    How neither a shrine or tomb
    Breathes it's presence;

    But I promise, the dying sunlight
    Will Recall it all,
    Day after day,
    in hope of a new dawn.
    As a superhero you were,
    For you died brave,
    With tragic glaze,
    Smitten dreams,
    Tired swords.

    Neither was it your flaw
    Not the fault of the era,
    Blame it to the stars, I will say
    For you were born
    With tragic lines of