• insightofme 10w

    Please Read

    I know why people are depressed.

    In their mind they're so obsessed.

    They say it's so they aren't

    A burden. They just weren't

    Meant to be.

    As they claim suicide.

    But if you look inside,

    They aren't being selfless.

    They're only being selfish.

    Far be it for them to decide

    What goes on inside their mind.

    I know.

    Because I'm there.

    I know the absense of my life

    Would bring my people only strife.

    But Lord...

    It's so much easier

    So much easier

    To let the bullet tell me what to do.

    I don't even want to do the work of rhyming this anymore. I know it's not right. I know it's harder on the one around me and not fair to them. I know this not because it's what I'm told. But because it's true. But I don't know what else to do.

    Too long I have suffered this nagging feeling residing in my head. Waiting for the opportunity for it to be restored, for the problems to be solved. Now I'm done waiting. If I can't find the answer then I'll lay in my bed, convince myself I'm not alone, that my love, my life, are laying right beside me in perfect content. And in my fantasy I have so well practiced my mind to believe, I will use this knife to make reality disappear.

    And as I lay there

    Having given up

    Blood upon the clothes I wear

    I swear

    I didn't look near enough.