• doctor_writes 9w

    Untouched Stories

    For those who are getting upset over the fact that their period cycle is going to ruin Durga Puja this year, a sincere request to them all. Be a sinner, visit Puja pandals, give pushpanjali, savour the delicious bhog. Enjoy Durga Puja with complete fervour. Let's figure out how wrathful can the goddess be at your "unforgivable sin" !
    Durga Puja comes once a year, periods once every month. You have heard enough from your mothers, aunts and grandmothers. It's high time.. now, you listen to yourself. The Goddess being a woman herself shall be considerate, and if not, let's wait to see how offended she gets. Did anyone question Maa Durga on her periods? There is enough turbulence in life and the world anyway. Get rid of these age old traditions that keep you away from celebrating the festivals. Stop being fearful in the names of Gods and Goddesses. No one will hand pick joy and happiness and serve it on a platter to you. You have to grab your own..So, get going.