• tenacrewoods 9w

    The Whispering Wind

    I sit on an old park bench
    It’s shade of green faded to grey.
    The bold setting sun reaches through
    The leafy canopy lighting the grand sky
    For the last time today.
    A warm delightful shower of love
    Pours over me piercing my skin,
    As I contemplate the sound
    Of the whispering wind
    Pure magic touches my heart
    And spreads wildly...
    I dissolve within the canopy of trees.
    Hanging loose, feeling happy.
    The playful wind jostles leaves
    Down to Mother Earth,
    One tips my head gently.
    I open my eyes
    And stare deeply,
    Ever present but beyond now!
    I wake, as from a dream
    Blessed to be standing
    Amidst the joy of nature’s grand moment.