• nobodyjacobs 5w

    Without Me

    I don't care about why I am
    nothing two you or anyone
    I don't want to hear you
    I don't want to give in ever
    but if I listen to you I am done
    I should just hang up my hat
    call it a day because its already
    been over and we are nothing
    just in my head I dream about
    what its going to feel like the next
    time your asking me to pound
    a little harder so you can get off
    or why its taking so long for me
    to get out of the shower when you
    were already hot and horny
    to go again all I could say was
    give me a minute to masterbate
    thats when you'd turn off the hot
    water and start laughing ain't Nobody getting off with out me
    only here I am now today and
    you say we are no longer
    nothing anymore except I am here
    at this moment to remind you
    that your not getting off do you
    understand what I promised you
    I that I would never let you get off
    without me