• __sach 9w

    Love & Dad

    Once I, tried to love by loving a girl.Quite excitement filled days & passionate full nights passed.Gradually,after few days I saw that girl started behaving like my mother to me.Surprisingly shocking to me,she started counting my pocket money,snatching my diary,books,mobile to sneak peek.Started counting my friends.Scolding me for being late.Insisting me to shave.Talking depends on her mood but later calling me on cell giving miss calls.Return I call,she nevers talks giving silent treatment.I got confused & somehow my Dad sniffed all looking into my abrupt behaviour.I got scared but shared my saga.Simply,he smiled & took me to a movie 'The curious case of Benjamin Button' where that guy Brad Pitt reverses to baby again & his sweetheart grews old to take care of him.So,non-sense thing I,had ever read or seen,i said to my Dad.My dad again smiled & we shared a frankie,then he said to me that men are meant to taken care like baby always where women are always mother.So,you have to reach the age of Father to handle a Mother.
    I understood the life message & my Love grows manyfold but not for that girl but for my Dad.That day I matured to be a father to handle a mother in woman.