• saintohams 10w

    If only you know the story

    Wisdom is of the wise
    Yet coconut is hard to crack.
    Fallen seed never sinks;
    much stumble awaits its journey.

    Through grace it wasn't rift apart
    Nor become food for the sea.
    Safely he sailed
    Though the movement was that of a snail

    If you have no course to die for:
    You've not really lived.
    If you have one and you can't die for:
    You a hypocrite.
    Brutality of conviction

    To every journey, there's an end
    Lady luck found the seed
    She sailed him to heaven
    He's about to grow an empire

    Grace of expression befall my lips
    For joy outburst my heart
    If only you know the story.
    You will know the pain behind the glory.