• lanzhan 21w

    Let's bid goodbye to the world
    That loved us million times
    Let's return these two souls
    That lived in sadness..pained and redemption for years
    Let's leave them behind in the Cloud Recesses
    Let the Bichen and Chenqing reunited
    Let the tears find its joy forever
    Let's sealed these hearts with WuJi song

    Let's now back to reality
    Where waiting must endure
    Let's dry our tears
    And accept these hearts must separated
    The invisible string still connected
    No matter what lies ahead
    We will hold in forever hope and promised
    We're like weightless leaves
    Tossing in the air but we will find the way to meet again
    To give one more time to these hearts to love each other over and over again
    A love that can't forget
    A love that reluctant to let go

    Let's cry when the door closed
    Let's scream and let it out loud the hurts alone
    One day we will rest our heads to one another
    We will touch and kiss the lips that we miss in every seconds

    We're Fire and Ice
    That must face the rain blows on
    We're the Phoenix and Immortal
    We all know the pain
    Hold on firmly
    Things are not easy
    We will make it

    Let's break out hearts for the meantime
    One day, we will hold each other hands
    Same sky..same stars.. same full moon..same kiss..same hugs.. same smiles..same glance