• redsfan94 30w

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    I just wish everybody could see the changes I'm tryna make instead of every mistake that I ever made I wish I had somebody to hold me down let me know that everything gone be ok somebody that's gone stay till the end of days I'm not thirsty I could careless bout getting laid I'm really tired of getting played cause women today all seem to think the same way if your being a good guy there's a price to pay I'm not the person that prays but if there is a power out there is it possible to get a small break I'm so stressed I'm starting to shake in the middle of the day just seems like my hole life Is in a disarray I mean I'm the black sheep I think most of my family think I'm a disgrace they act like I'm playing games but don't hesitate to call when something needs replaced I got tattoos and a criminal record I think my dad is ashamed I feel like everybodys love for me washes away when it rains its makes me feel like I'm an irrimovable stain nobody understands I feel like an animal in a cage only released when they say it's OK