• duskopiate 23w


    Mellow breaths with delayed rush
    A touch to meet she yearns in lush;
    Her gestures are sluggish with passion drugged emotions
    Her thoughts are blurred but her motions impetuous.

    Vague murmurs cut short with amorous kisses
    Eccentric gaze at unwanted Intervals,
    Strokes of sweetness speeding down her veins
    Dancing to the rhythm of dispositions with no haste.

    Tinge of timidity with an outline of boldness
    As thick as bold, over ruling her shyness,
    Provoking and striking her with electric vibes
    A reaction she's crazy for only before it subsides.

    Shivered and throbbed as her heart palpitated
    For an excellent culmination she anticipated,
    Relished every second of this episode she crawled on
    Assuredly content with the upshot she landed on.

    "It isn't always about iniquity and immorality,
    What of those who vowed to commitment and loyalty?
    Does the eye of the beholder still see invariant flaws?
    Is sensuality still being camouflaged?
    The beauty of it is being perceived falsely,
    It has been created for mankind as a gift.
    The aroma of it breeds romance of purity,
    So one should know, not every eroticism is a bad drift."