• chinmoy781125 22w

    Nobody is Perfect

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    Perfect Product

    External motivation is Artificial
    Self motivation is Natural
    You are a Product with hopes attached
    A tiny mistake and haters laughed
    A Kind, Careful, Polite, Pretty Person
    Victim of neatly packed dreams and aspirational lollipop
    Friends, lovers, well wishers lift you and drop
    People are neither good nor bad
    Either weird or mad

    Dear Shahrukh, Fair is not Handsome
    Handsome is that if Hand some does
    Dear Bollywood stop torturing us Mentally
    Dear T-Series stop molesting our ears Physically
    Student of the year goes to Kota Factory
    Dear Tiktokers and Social Media Warriors
    Behind the mobile screen you are a Hero
    But in reality you are a BIG ZERO

    It's ok to have Pimples
    It's ok to have Wrinkles
    Their existence makes us Natural
    But we aspire to be Artificial