• michaelpapi7 6w

    My Lover's Secret

    My lover has a secret
    A little dirty one
    A secret she's scared of letting anyone know.
    A secret she wants so hard to get rid of,
    ...but still doesn't want to let go of.

    My lover has a man
    One who loves her deeply
    Who calls her sweet funny names.
    One who sends her poems about love and utopia.
    One who wants her to love him
    ...the way he loves her.

    I know about my Lover's man
    I know the poems and the messages he sends,
    I know the way he laughs...
    ...the way his lips curl up to create a smile.
    I know about his insecurities
    I know about his desires.

    I alone know my Lover's secret.
    The hidden angle in the triangle.
    The one she tries so hard to hide from the world,
    The secret she wants,
    ...the secret she desires.
    I am my Lover's secret.