• _vaish_2 10w


    It soothed me like nothing could
    Greasing my soul like it always would
    Oozed out of my mind
    Blissfully with its arms so kind.
    Symphonies and rhythms so well matched
    It rhymed my lyric so well catched
    That my heart lept with a feeling
    I couldn't realise it could be so healing.
    So transitory but yet immortal
    Like the tides that withdrew from our view
    Strange, it is how chords and billow
    Strangle my thoughts and put me in a box
    It wasnt a box, a land it was
    Where I was stranded
    Between my heart and mind.
    I tried to keep my sanity intact
    But my core had anyhow always hacked
    The way to the land that was only mine
    And be lost in the tones that could always shine.
    Dear Music,
    Never leave my ears
    For I will yearn for you
    In all the years yet to come.
    Dear Waves,
    Never leave my eyes
    For I have to count till infinity
    In the hopes to find my horizon
    And break it to see the world that I never saw.