• folded_letters 10w


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    In loving you
    Was my growing up
    You were the wish
    I never made to a shooting star
    But you were
    The star nonetheless
    Which fell upon me
    Which such force
    It left a deep impression
    I now call my beauty mark.
    You weren't the destination
    I sought in my map
    But you turned up
    On the implicate roads of destiny
    And boy, were you an exotic
    place to be
    For I recall you
    Like a travel to a foreign land
    Which one always dreamed of
    The times with you
    Were full of happiness and joy
    With moments in between
    Of cold and tears.
    Your presence made me grow
    Like a budding rose
    Which learns to accept
    Not only it's thorns
    But also to devour
    It's own fragrance.
    And now I keep you
    Like an old secret
    in my pages
    Time and again unfolding
    To revisit those
    Chesrished souvenirs
    You left me with.