• shaman_among_machines 9w

    Run run run

    Been awhile since I
    took a second to just sit with myself. 
    Too long it's been, 
    so far gone I seem again.. 
    In my mind all I do is run run run 
    and quickly burnout
     in no blazing glory, 
    still stuck in the same ole sad story. 

    "I and I" 
    existing in this space 
    of self disgrace
    and endless explorations. 
    "I and I" 
    one soul to another, 
    have hope through these tribulations. 

    Think I'll get up
    and take a trip beyond my being, 
    nothing going on here, 
    just fleeing pain and fear.. 
    but if I leave now 
    I'll never know what could've been.. 
    "I got nothing to say" 
    that feeling has made its way back again. 

    "I and I" 
    In existence you're 
     sent soaring only to suddenly sink. 
    "I and I" 
    One who believes he's nothing 
    is bound to break down cause of the way he thinks.