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    The story!

    Well. Let me tell you. Mokshith and adhya were friends from school days! They never grabbed a single feeling during in school days! After their school mates created a what's app group so as usual Adhya texted him first so there will be journey begin.
    After one year past on Adhya b'day she got wish from mokshith so this is the actual journey they come across...
    How come they became close while chatting but two hearts grabbed feelings toward each other's... They got committed finally...
    As Adhya knew mokshith little shy and most innocent guy.
    As Adhya knew mokshith come across with Orthodox family
    As Adhya knew she is the first girl for him
    Everything she came to knew...
    Day passes, love is happy with them...
    Mokshith never ever created a nonsensical behavior with Adhya
    Mokshith never ever scolded her as the mistake is from her side
    •Slowly the poison dropped in two hearts
    Mokshith has if he joined for new college new Friends new environment everything new not even a single thing is old that he might have, everything is new experience to him..
    Adhya didn't even had a idea that mokshith would leave her in middle!!
    Adhya she consist with little possessive towards him so she started quarrel with him..
    So taking this an advantage he started to Ignore her..
    One night mokshith texted to her and said we don't have future together, my parents and family was strict.. mom and daddy may die they won't leave me... Soo let's end this but I love you still so in future by god luck's we can meet again by saying this stuffs he went..
    •as Adhya waiting for still more messages from mokshith in Instagram..
    She got a biggest message pack that is mokshith uploaded a beautiful and prettiest picture with cutest girl but Adhya never knew with that cutest girl. Now mokshith is extremely happiest guy in thiz fucking planet.. But why he left? Is if he wanted to be with her ? May Adhya is disturbing him? Or he actually love with that girl? May Adhya consist with less beauty? Why he left?