• nic_thevirago 45w

    In our fly apartment with the damask walls
    reruns of Sanford and Son play on the twelve inch Panasonic
    and we trippin' off Mary Jane clouds
    smothered in grease smoke from the chicken fry
    laid-back in a worn out easy chair
    a fifth of Crown Royal and a sip of Cheerwine on the tv tray

    Sweet thing is wigglin' around on my lap
    swingin' her bangin' box braids, lookin' like young Ms. Jackson
    ('bout to do sumptin nasty)

    Babygirl licks the wrap and rolls another spliff
    hit after hit we rise higher
    she shuts the tv off
    pops that 12 Play cassette in
    and starts to slow wine
    hint taken, it's 2am
    time to put this freak to bed.

    90s Ting