• rishikajha3 9w

    . Young.

    They say we're too young
    To know love
    We don't know
    How to keep space
    How to not break
    Each other's heart.

    . Dumb.

    We're dumb yes
    Too dumb to know my warm hands
    Feel cold to your skin.
    And each time I see you.
    The current in me fills.
    But we're too dumb
    Too much.
    How could we not see
    The end of something
    That never even began.?

    . Broken.

    We were broken, even before
    We found our pieces in each other
    Tell me,
    Do you still have them?
    Or they don't fit you anymore ?

    ~Like words
    I knew how to arrange
    I don't think I do anymore.
    ~Like me,
    My language is broken
    I don't think I can walk anymore,
    ~Like me heart,
    I stand here, open
    I don't think I can talk anymore.

    . Vindictive.

    And you're running
    You're running away again
    You say, they're after you
    I don't see them
    I wish I could
    Like I saw you running away the first time
    But I guess I've healed
    And you my love
    Are still in pain.

    . Hurt.
    The inevitable type
    The pain that's not a phase
    The pain we thought, I could replace
    But the pain, is in deep
    And I know, now
    I'm no help