• amyreneecorey112784 22w

    In my head

    In my head I have so much to say
    In my head the words wither away
    I try to stay focused and strong too
    I can't do nothing right I'm such a fool
    In my head you love me
    In my head you hate me
    So many mixed feeling that you lead me on
    I thought we was content that this is where I belonged.
    In my head I'll always feel lonely
    And deep down to you I'm just a phoney
    In my head I rehearse the way things used to be
    In my head I thought you still loved me
    Denial takes place it doesn't matter I don't have a pretty face
    In my head I had this big dream
    In my head nothing ever goes as it seems
    I try and try I feel like Ill never be a success
    I wake up each morning and still get dressed
    In my head I know this is sad
    In my head I start to feel bad
    I wont give in I won't give up
    I stand tall and become tough
    In my head there's lots of shit
    In my head I won't quit