• khakejannat 10w

    Hold me up to my grave
    Can't i get a company

    Everything ruined yet in me
    But still a body to lay in soil

    Life that is borrowed from me
    Can't i remember to whom

    Turned myself to ashs ,so black
    Kept burning with jealousy of happiness

    Show me where to get a hard coffin
    A cloth piece to cover my live corpse

    Am i so strong that i want a deep slumber
    Who knows? I just wonder ,that's all i can

    Show me the way to the borrower
    I have to steal myself from him

    I have to look in my life
    For a smile,if left one

    But who cares now,enough brave i m
    To get my curve back on my face

    As nothing comes after a gaze
    U have to snacth it ,bcoz it's all u own now