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    Sitting Near The Window I See Rain Outside,
    Glued I Was To The Window Setting Everything Aside

    Pouring Rains Often Bring Out The Poet In You,
    I Needed To Bring Out My Paper & Pen I Knew

    Will Just Paper & Pen Be Enough?
    Won't It Be A Treat To Have Hot Pakoras Stuffed?

    Pakoras Are Incomplete Without Something Hot To Sip,
    Ahhh, Sizzling Hot Coffee With A Touch Of Cream Whip

    Milk In Pan & Fresh Aroma Of Coffee Powder,
    My Enthusiasm Can't Get Anymore Louder

    Cup Of Coffee Held & Pen Moving Onto Paper,
    I Was Enjoyong The Pakoras & Coffee Flavour

    I Was Mesmerized By Nature's Beauty,
    I Believed On This Earth This Was The Real Booty...

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    Meghana Doshi