• skripture 6w


    Nothing stays the same forever,
    Everything ends up changing in a way.
    Things breakdown and others outgrow,
    Rarely do things ever remain the same.

    Like the person who I see in the mirror,
    I don't recognise who I see no more.
    My inner demons are consuming who I was,
    Changing me in ways I don't wish for.

    Bits of the old me will always remain,
    These bits were hidden from all to see.
    I kept them buried deep inside my soul,
    Now they've resurfaced as the new me.

    I'm getting bitter and filling with hate,
    Pain I constantly direct back at myself.
    My worth to be here is blurred so much,
    On the inside my heart has hung itself.

    Change is always going to happen regardless,
    Whether we try to preserve it is on us.
    I'm past the point of any restoration work,
    It's the demolition process that I discuss.