• samuelsanthoshkumar 6w

    Today's situation were ae are to attend online classes ..this has become like a punishment .. i have class for 40 mins and a short 10 mins break and again the next class starts .. it is not to make us hate online classes but to tell the difficulty and reality of today's situation

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    My in ear head phone
    Tieing my neck
    An image of a slave is shown
    Like in a jail is struck

    This whole point seams good
    But the reality is dead
    Look at the screan you should
    And note down what he said

    Write down and learn
    For this is your fate
    With eyes that burn
    We'll have to wear glasses my mate

    One good ,I can enter my classes
    With my sleepy face and my nightdress on
    Timetable splits a path like moses
    I have ten minutes to cross the lawn

    It's like holding breath under water
    Forty minutes under and ten minutes on
    We might become Amphibians later
    But first let's stay safe and face *coron