• _scas_ 5w

    As I'm in future,
    I see sand everywhere.
    No life I see,
    Water, water, nowhere.

    "What's that?",
    I thought.
    Far away,
    People in a lot.

    To talk to them,
    I got close.
    Just as I reached,
    Stopped, I pose.

    They carried water,
    Maybe to their home.
    Maybe it was part of a settlement,
    Or a village alone.

    "Dad, what's a tree?"
    A child spoke.
    His father looked at him,
    A bit choked.

    "It used to be life,
    Where birds chirped.
    Our ancestors used to under them,
    With their teas, they slurp".

    "It gave us air,
    Fruits, and what not?",
    It was all in past tense,
    "What had happened?", I thought.

    "Where are they now, dad?",
    The child asked again.
    I wanted to know too,
    And understand what is this pain.

    "They're gone now,
    Far, far away.
    They couldn't speak,
    And we didn't let them stay".

    It hit me,
    About what we're doing.
    With not even a tree,
    Left for viewing.

    The child and his dad,
    Had walked by now.
    It was my time to go,
    I bid the place ciao.

    But the thought about the trees,
    Had stayed with me.
    We need to realize,
    This world isn't free.

    For our children,
    Earth isn't a gift, but a right.
    Make their lives comfortable,
    And not a survival fight.


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