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    We meet a lot of people..feel for them sometimes.But these are few things which will definitely help you to know you're with right one.����
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    How to know you're with the right one ❤!!

    No matter what happens,
    ▪︎The right one will laugh with you but never at you.
    ▪︎The right one will motivate you but never distract you.
    ▪︎The right one may get tired of themselves but never get tired of you.
    ▪︎The right will find and choose the one reason to stay but never choose to walk away for those 100s of reasons.
    ▪︎The right one will always stick to you but will never leave you.
    ▪︎The right one will make you fall in love with yourself first (that's enough to fall in love with them.)
    ▪︎The right one will never give up on you.
    ▪︎The right one will support you when you're right but never when you're wrong.(They won't always say 'Yes' blindly without knowing truth)
    ▪︎The right one will help you discovering the real you,the happy you and the better you.❤