• _malwar3 5w

    Love Worth The Fight

    We’re from two different worlds but I’m praying that we meet

    I talk to you over the phone as if you were sitting in the next seat

    Hearing you as clear as notes falling off a music sheet

    If I was a record would you play me on repeat?

    Would you still dance with me if I had two left feet?

    If what we have is a game, tell me, would you compete?

    For you I’d gladly taste defeat

    Getting you to fall in love with me was no easy feat

    But with you I feel complete

    If my spirit were as cold and rigid as steel,

    would you be the flame that warms it ‘til it bends?

    If I wrote you a collection of poems

    would you show ‘em

    to all of your friends

    If I brought you a broken heart, would you help me mend?

    If I was incapable of gestures so grand,

    If I was mute or blind would you still take my hands?

    I’ll run with you if you can mess up my plans

    Even if you ran far I’d pursue you to the world’s end

    Would you love me through the night

    if I was to vanish at first light

    before you woke up?

    But if I was a dream, would you never want to wake up?

    And if you were my dream, would you let reality interrupt?

    If I got insecure and let my emotions erupt,

    Would you let my demons turn me corrupt?

    If ever am I hopeless would you fill my cup?

    I’ll stay and fight with you if you promise me we’ll always make up.