• shalupar 10w


    She closed her door
    And slide down to the floor
    She made sure no one was around
    And she let out the tears

    She cried and cried and cried.
    She hugged herself tight
    And let out her frustrations
    Her anger
    Her sadness

    She didn't understand why she is feeling this.
    She could feel the demons closing in.
    She could feel the evil laugh
    She couldn't let it win.
    With barely enough strength,
    She straightened up,
    Brushed her tears away
    And took in a deep breath.

    She could still feel the demons nearby
    But she was stronger
    And braver
    And they knew it.
    So they retreated.

    After some time,
    She walked out
    Like a regal queen
    Who has just conquered a kingdom.
    In a way,
    She has.
    She has conquered her own mind.