• sacredlover 5w

    Perfect beard,handsome face!
    Every girl wanna date me no matter what is the place..
    Drinks,hookups;that was my type,
    One girl even said,she wants to be my wife.
    Live life king size was my 1 simple rule,
    Falling in love was made only for fools.

    But then something strange happened,
    i felt something for the first time in my heart..
    When the beautiful girl in my friend circle,
    Became of my life,the most important part..

    I felt something special about her.
    Together,so perfect we were..
    She was my best friend,my love,like the flowers of the spring..
    I was willing to giver her my life,my everything...

    i wanted to tell her about all this.
    sunshine in my clouds,she was really a bliss..
    but the thing that i feared the most came true,
    she said she loved someone and i knew i was screwed.

    I felt a sharp kind of pain.
    Everything i have planned for us went in vain.
    The guy for whom every girl used to fall,
    Felt like he was left in the world standing all alone..