• beaubearic 6w


    1. Welcome to the dirty south
    2. Were people love to party loud
    3. tellin them to turn it down
    4. Gets em all to look around
    5. LIKE what you talkin about
    6. They raise their trucks like it was going to heaven
    7. A fancy date starts at 7-11
    8.  they love their women even when
    9. They comin from wrestlin with them second cousins down in the pig pen
    10. Kicken chickens is time well spent and they call it a good investment
    11. Lovin these outdoors and backwoods
    12. 4 wheels is what you'll need cuz when it comes to drivin on the road we drive right off
    13. Where we going you wont ever see no cops
    14. If they even tried I'm tellin you they'd get lost
    15. To get Down here you gotta connect the dots drive up river beds and climb some rocks
    16. It's too hot so the shirts comin off the snorkel go on to the exhaust no 6 packs here cuz beer guts are what we show off and the beer brought is 24 cans minimum bought minus the few we shot gunned in the parking lot
    17. Dont let the river reach the top and just in case keep that window down and door unlocked
    18. Cuz if we get too deep we will need to see about a ride or swallow pride cuz we gonna be walking
    19. Price you pay to get cooled off
    20. in the dirty south talk is cheap and we learn to drive daddy's truck before learnin speek or even walk
    that's the country mans way they got taught and it's the lessons that got dropped down so they pass down to the creme of the crop cuz it's the legacy of a backwoods pop only picture of him you got is him leaning on  his truck with a sawed off next to a dead hog and that's how dinners bought here in the dirty south were we have croc cooking in our crock pots and soon we fill our belly's then dance under the moon light like hill Billy's after moonshine shots that grandpa brought for line dancing with no shoes and no socks cus that's how we hip hop down in the dirty south with our chip off the block and it only stops when our trucks flip on its top from climbing rocks