• taiba_makrani 10w

    Phone call

    That day, i did not think to call you. I was just suppose to have a chat with you but i don't know what made me say that i was thinking to give you a call, and trust me, after having realized that its already 9:30, i felt you will say that we will call some other day. But to my surprise you said, its ok, just call me. And i was taken aback with your words.
    After 4 years, i got to listen your voice for the first time that too for 2 hrs, 7min and 1 sec. I felt blessed, literally blessed.
    Just want to thank you for that!
    As i say, i am always grateful to you, for the time which we had, for all those memories and of course learnings too.
    Coz for me, you are the only one, to whom i adore and think that who can groom me better than any other.