• zulotenlachang 10w

    Strength grows

    Struggles born to me so deadly,
    Passerby's turning heads guessing desperately.
    Rise or fall for something tasting like a tea
    Unaware of the roads ahead that'd lead me

    Mourning to storm sheltered by night
    Sleeping off my soul quickly peeping daylight
    Enchanting to embrace good volumes of life
    Sudden greetings of blue shakes my wave.

    Glancing to weakness portraying strength
    Believing all flowers don't hide serpent
    Like a friend possess behind vibrant smile
    The kickbacks of life born me a unique wild.

    Determined to strength daring certainty
    Consistent and persistent resulting equality
    Facile of naysayers spotting flaws from womb
    Righteous bloom bustling thoughts till its tomb.