• rebelpjones 12w

    The last of life

    As my eyes open to Wild winds and fire
    I hear no signs nor see of other human lives I stand in place shocked and astonished
    at the world's emptiness.
    I quickly begin to run
    in the direction I'm already facing,
    Looking searching for any other signs of life.

    The wind picks up violently,
    Thrashing dust and debris around me,
    I'm picked off my feet by a powerful gust and hung from a colorful branch of a multicolored tree,
    I hear a sorrowful weep and then an agonizing scream much to loud to be of another human being.
    As I begin to tremble hanging from this branch helplessly, it begins to rain heavily and I stare deeply into the  storm surrounding me.

    I realize now this is the end,
    the last of life this tree and I,
    I get my bearings and my grasp,
    As I begin to climb to a  higher branch,
    I see it now,I feel its pain as this tree and me are slowly dying, as the leaves begin to wither and fall, and the branches below begin to brown and crumble.

    The piercing cries of Earths pain inside as all this world lies slain in sin,  not a soul left to rise,and walk this soil, life again will rise an live with hopes of fixing broken history that lies beneath rock and dirt, and hidden truth.