• shaza_sunflowersoul 10w

    Before you arrived

    My guests and I were content
    We finally learned to live with eachother
    We've also just come to terms with the fact that neither one of us were willing to leave

    And; Me.

    Together we've built a home in my heart and decorated each room accordingly

    A space for

    And we even left some room for pitty too

    We looked at what we had,
    How we've built,
    How we've finally learned to co-exist with one another

    We were content

    And then you arrived

    Room by room,
    You started striping down what we've put up
    The alarm was disabled, the burglar bars were gone too

    You took down all our walls and replaced them with windows
    Windows, You said makes room for Light

    You filled our rooms with laughter,
    I liked laughter

    In each room you placed something different,
    Every space had a piece of you

    Like sunflowers kissed by the sun,
    Bright and beautiful

    A happy color,
    You were my yellow.

    I stood beside you, you looked so pleased with the work you've done.
    And I was too

    Until I came home one day,
    Only to find

    And Vulnerability waiting for me

    Then it hit me,
    My yellow was no more.