• scribbled_stories_06 9w

    One of the audience on the platform raised his hands and asked her "Why are you so confident? Give me some tips to be like you."

    She started to answer it with a story."When I was a kid,I had full of cavitated teeth.So I was always relectuant to talk anybody.On the arts day it was compulsary for every child to participate atleast in one event.So I had too. When the anchor called my name to the stage,I was so tensed.I slowly came infront of the stage with a shivering body.When I saw the audience I became nervous.My event was story telling.So I had to open my mouth and show my ugly teeths to tell a story.So I decided to give back.But one of my friend was sitting on the first row of the platform.She looked at my face and give a big laugh to me.For a second I forget about everything and start laughing.It was the first time in my life that I open my teeth without shy.After that I never afraid a little bit...